Embracing yourself starts with knowing and feeling yourself in your body. Not the body you want, not the body you used to have, but the one you currently inhabit. For all of its flaws and beauty, it is your constant companion on the journey through life. Love it or not, it’s the only one you get, so treat it right by getting proper nutrition, exercising to your individual capacity, and dressing well. And, when you’re really feeling good, when you’re ready to show the world that you’re a big man and you won’t be ignored, try some styles that make you stand out! Body positivity is about accepting and celebrating your physical form and with just a few tips you can be standing out with style in no time.

A pop of color can help your stand out from the crowd as a big man.

Choose a Statement Piece

A statement piece is the focal point of your outfit, something that is supported by other elements of clothing and sits like a cherry on top. This can be any part of your outfit: a patterned shirt or blazer, a colorful pair of pants, some great sneakers, a hat, or a piece of jewelry.

So, how does one choose a statement piece? First, understand that “standing out” is relative to your current style. For some, a bolo tie with a chunk of turquoise is a fitting statement piece. Others may prefer a blazer with a bright eye-catching floral pattern. For many big men, a pair of really dope sneakers is the focal point of an outfit. The statement piece should be something that works naturally within your personal uniform while still standing out.

Add a Pop of Color

Color is the easiest way to stand out visually. Consider your outfit like an interior decorator considers a room; painting an accent wall in a different color than the other 3 (or more) calls attention to that wall and the things that are on it. Same with your outfit. An outfit of mostly gray with a pop of tangerine; a black suit with a green pocket square; these are all examples of “pops” of color that will get attention in a good way.

Choosing an accent color that works with your skin tone is important to avoid looking “washed out” or bringing out undesirable undertones. Certain shades of orangey-red make me look too flushed in the face, while my brother has no problem with these colors. Darker skin colors work particularly well with bright colors, such as orange and gold; lighter skin tones might try a pop of forest green or silver instead. You’ll want to experiment to find the right pop of color that works with your style and personal preference.


A fun way to add some flair to your outfit is with accessories. Watches are an excellent accessory for standing out for two big reasons. First, due to their placement on your wrist, the are easily noticed by others as they literally are a flash of color or light in their line of sight. And second, they come in a variety of colors and metal finishes. Metals like gold and brightly polished chrome tend to stand out, while rubber and resin bands come in white, bright green, purple, and other eye-catching colors.

Rings and bracelets can also add some flash to your outfit. A wedding ring doesn’t have to be plain silver or gold, there are many jeweled options available and rings with interesting inlays such as wood or abalone shell. A simple chain bracelet works well to balance a watch on the opposite wrist. A wrist cuff bracelet works well for men with large wrists and doesn’t inhibit wrist mobility when correctly fitted.

Don’t forget your luggage; a leather laptop case, carry-all, or shoulder bag. These items can be a subtle flex if made from an interesting material (tooled or burnished leather, or military green canvas), or with a design or aspect that draws the eye (contrast stitching or flashy hardware, for example).

Likewise, the peek of a brightly colored/patterned pair of socks or a peek-a-boo tie or jacket lining can hint that you’re not quite what you seem on the outside. If you’ve got a pair of navy or brown dress shoes in need of a pop of color, consider red or yellow laces. Argyle socks make for a fun retro look, while other fun patterns can reveal the softer side to a tough-looking individual.

Mix it Up

If you have a car you love, you’ll shine the rims and get a great paint job to make it even better. Think of your body as the same thing. Take pride of ownership over your body, and show yourself off. It takes confidence and a willingness to go against the grain, but it’s worth it to be standing out in style. Be noticed and known for your flair; it’s part of what makes you great.

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